Sean Hellman

Sean Hellman is a woodworker-designer, photographer, and author, as well as co-founder and Design & Technical Editor at Crafty Little Press.  Sean has a passion for trees and for working with unseasoned wood and is a self-taught green-woodworker of near 30 years experience. As well as making, Sean has also researched and developed heritage skills in traditional woodworking techniques originating in the UK or abroad. He has won several awards for green wood work, and for other designs at these events.

As well as working directly with authors at Crafty Little Press, Sean writes occasional articles for wood working publications, writes a regular blog, and has appeared on various TV programmes including Edwardian Farm (BBC, 2009) demonstrating traditional craft skills.

Jane Mickelborough

Jane Mickelborough has carved all her life but only started carving wooden spoons from green wood in 2011.  She is particularly interested in the traditional spoons that used to be made in Brittany, NW France where she lives.

Jane has taught spoon carving at Spoonfest in the UK, Täljfest in Sweden, in the USA at Greenwood Fest in Plymouth MA and in 2018 at the Spoon Gathering at Milan MN. As well as teaching at home, she and her husband, Peter, organise an annual green wood working festival where they live, in Brittany.

In 2017 Jane was awarded a Willie Sundquist and Bill Coperthwaite Slöjd Fellowship in recognition of, and to continue her research into Breton Spoons. with a link to Jane’s blog.

Abigail Robinson (b.1965 – d.2018)

Abigail  first collection of poems, The Lightning Tree, is the first full collection published by Crafty Little Press. She is also a contributing poet to the anthology Called to the Edge.

As well as being a poet, artist, singer, and an accomplished harpist, Abigail was a Music-Thanatologist, who trained with the Chalice of Repose Project, in Missoula, USA. She was also a film-maker, whose films Waking Dreams and Warming the Darkness, were premiered on Montana Television Network. She has also contributed written work and songs to several other anthologies and compilations.

Throughout her life, Abigail also worked devotedly for humanitarian causes and social justice. Her deep connection to the natural world and to the immanent, are at the heart of her writings.

To our deep sorrow, Abigail passed away shortly after the publication of both the above names CLP publications. This work, and other, unpublished writings have been bequeathed to CLP editor Lucy Lepchani, with instructions for any royalties or other material benefits to be passed on to Rowcroft Hospice, Devon.

Jane Slavin

By day, Jane is a word-tamer. Part of the strange circus that is local government, she aims to win over an extremely cynical audience by creating real facts out of word such as overarching, strategy, and transformation. These are frequently real tigers in the ring, and that need to be handled carefully.

By night she plays with her own words. She strokes them, pokes them, plays with them. Sometimes they do as they are told. Mostly, she keeps playing because she likes it.

Jane is a co-author of the poetry anthology Called to the Edge.

Jo Ball

Jo was born in London in the late 60s, and was brought up in rural Gloucestershire, living a version of The Good Life meets Absolutely Fabulous.

Playing with words and images to compost Life’s crud, was her childhood survival strategy; and so, becoming an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist in her 20s felt like a homecoming.

Jo’s life was transformed by the birth of her children and she set up Mums4Change, using writing and creative tools to help mothers tell their stories and to create new narratives.

Her poems in the anthology Called to the Edge, are part of a collection that Jo is writing about the inner and outer landscape of motherhood.

Jo’s website is at

Mélisande Fitzsimons

Mélisande is French and has lived in Plymouth since 2001. She has a background in Fine Arts and translation. Her poetry has been published widely in literary magazines and journals in Australia, France and Britain and online, including the UN Women AIDS Campaign, 2015.

Mélisande says:

“I write both in English and in French but my poems are so different in their intent and use of language that it’s like having a double life. I find it fascinating to write in a language that is not my own: it’s daunting, transgressive, frustrating and exciting.”

Mélisande is a co-author of the poetry anthology Called to the Edge, and a pamphlet due for publication by CLP, in 2019.

Rachel Gippetti

Rachel’s debut poetry collection, Birthright, was published by Eyewear Publishing as part of the Aviator Pamphlet Series in 2016. She has also been widely published in the UK and the USA, and she is the author of several children’s books.

Born in Boston, USA, Rachel now lives in Plymouth, UK. She works at Plymouth College of Art; ran the Plymouth based literary night Lit, and is a member of the band Booby Trap.

Rachel is a co-author of the poetry anthology Called to the Edge.

Rosie Barrett

Rosie is originally from North Bedfordshire, and has lived in Devon for over 30 years, with watery views for most of that time.

Her poems have been published widely, sometimes shortlisted or winning poetry competitions. A co-author of the poetry anthology Called to the Edge, Rosie says:

“I had a short time as a radio reporter and think my usual narrative voice probably comes from the habit of needing to get the information over quickly and reasonably succinctly.

I hope I paint pictures”