Sharp. Book on sharpening for woodworkers, bush crafters, builders, chefs and crafters

SHARP is a brand-new book from Dartmoor-based designer and green woodworker, Sean Hellman. Drawing on over 30 years working with edge-tools and sharpening tools for others, SHARP is an instructive manual on how to sharpen your tools correctly, for the best and most enduring edge. ‘Many people struggle on with blunt tools, or damage perfectly good tools through incorrect sharpening,’ says Sean ‘SHARP was written so that anyone, a beginner or an experienced practitioner, can learn about the best methods, bevels, abrasives, and principles of sharpening to suit each particular tool.’

SHARP, which is illustrated with several hundred diagrams and colour photographs, covers the basic principles of sharpening as well as specific details for types of tool and individual tools. Axes, knives, saws, power tools, chisels, planes, kitchen knives, garden tools, and many more are included – including obscure tools such as the paroir, floats, scythes and rotary cutters. There are even details about how to bring some seemingly non-functioning tools, ‘back to life’. 

Sharpening tools and re-sharpening tools, is an act of conservation and of thrift. In his introduction to the book, Sean writes ‘Toolmakers, like all makers, create legacy: one that leads either to a more sustainable future, or one that undermines us as we fail to learn from better ways of being and doing. At this time of resurgence for practicing the ways of the past and kindling skills in re-using, recycling, re-purposing and all manner of mending: sharpening tools effectively, is part of that movement.’

Part One
14…An Introduction to Sharpening
18…What is Sharp?
28…How Tools Cut
36…Edge Geometry
50…Observing the Edge

Part Two
94…Hands On: How to Sharpen
130..Chisels and Gouges
156..Hollowing Tools
166..Axes, Adzes and Splitting Tools
180..Drawknives and Spokeshaves
192..Billhooks, Scythes and Sickles
218..Cabinet Scrapers and Scraper Planes
226..Boring Tools
250..Shears, Scissors and Loppers
288..Peripheral Cutting Tools
296..Other Craft Tools
304..Garden Tools
310..Jigs and Guides

334 pages
A4 portrait format
981 colour photos and illustrations
ISBN 978-0-9931861-7-2
Weight 1.4KG

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